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60-DEGREE STARDavid Petty is a highly creative folder who specialises in rings, wreaths, and modular designs. He loves to explore variations that produce subtly different patterns. This star has many variations – play around with the design and see if you can discover your own variations! Being creative is fun and you might just create something new The essential geometry of this design is based around a 60-degree angle, which in most cases, produces six-pointed stars. However, if you make five units and bend the paper slightly, you can often create a 3D star of some kind with five points. Similarly, by making a mountain fold along the axis of each unit, you can try joining more than six units.

1. Start with a square, white side up. Book-fold in half and unfold.

2. Starting the crease at the top left corner, fold the lower corner so it lies on the horizontal crease.

3. The model looks like this so far. Unfold again.

4. Repeat the move as a mirror image from the top right corner.

5. Fold in half from top to bottom.

6. Refold these creases, passing them through both layers.

7. Unfold upwards.

8. Fold the bottom left corner over.

9. Starting at the bottom right, fold the lower left corner back along the raw edge, crease, and unfold.

10. Fold the inner corner to the top left as you fold the lower edge upwards.

11. Inside reverse the lower right corner to match the other side.

12. Fold the upper edge to meet the vertical crease, crease, and unfold.

13. Swing the first corner at the top left over and down.

14. The unit is complete.


1. Arrange two units as shown, sliding them so that the circled corners coincide. The top flap of the lower unit slides between layers.

2. Fold this flap behind, locking the two units together.

3. Slide in the third unit in a similar fashion. Repeat with the other three units.

4. Carefully fold behind the six flaps as shown.

5. The star complete from this side.

6. Turn the paper over to see the star from the other side.



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