1. Choose Draw, Hatch...


2. Click the Hatch icon.


3. Type BHATCH at the command prompt


Command: BHATCH

BHATCH options:

Pattern Type Sets the current pattern type by using

AutoCAD's predefined patterns or user defined patterns.

Pattern Properties Sets the current pattern, scale, angle, and spacing. Controls if hatch is double spaced or exploded. Pick Points Constructs a boundary from existing objects that form an enclosed area.

Select Objects Selects specific objects for hatching. The Boundary Hatch dialog box disappears and AutoCAD prompts for object selection.

Inherit Properties Applies the properties of an existing associative hatch to the current Pattern Type and Pattern Properties options.

Preview Hatch Displays the hatching before applying it. AutoCAD removes the dialog box and hatches the selected areas. Associative Controls associative hatching.

Apply Creates the crosshatching in the boundary.

Advanced  Hatch Options  17.2

1. Choose the Advanced... TAB from the BHATCH dialog.

2. Choose one of the following advanced options:

Define Boundary Set

Defines the set of objects AutoCAD analyzes when defining a boundary from a specified pick point.



Specifies the method used to hatch objects within the outermost hatch bound- ary. If there are no internal objects selected, specifying a hatching style has no effect.

Boundary Options

Specifies whether or not the temporary boundary objects will be added to the drawing.