Boundary Command 18.1

Defines the object type, boundary set, and island detection method for defining boundaries from points you specify.


1. Choose Draw, Boundary or

2. Type BOUNDARY at the command prompt. Command: BOUNDARY

Pick internal point

Boundary created

Region Command 18.2

Regions are two-dimensional areas you create from closed shapes or loops. Closed polylines, lines, and curves are valid selections. Curves include circular arcs, circles, elliptical arcs, ellipses, and splines.

1. Choose Draw, Region

2. Type REGION at the command prompt.

Command: REGION

Select objects: (pick boundary)

Select objects:

1 found

1 loop extracted.

1 Region created.

Object created as a region

Mass Properties 18.3

Calculates the mass properties of regions or solids.

1. Choose Tools, Inquiry, Region/Mass Properties

2. Type MASSPROP at the command prompt.


Select objects: (pick region)

---------------- REGIONS ----------------

Area: 11.1328


Perimeter: 16.3734

Bounding box: X: 3.1508 -- 7.1352 Y: 2.8950 -- 6.8942

Centroid: X: 5.1508 Y: 4.8946

Moments of inertia: X: 276.6983 Y: 305.3510

Product of inertia: XY: 280.6701

Radii of gyration: X: 4.9854 Y: 5.2372

Principal moments and X-Y directions about centroid: I: 9.9891 along [1.0000 0.0000] J: 9.9891 along [0.0000 1.0000]

Write analysis to a file? [Yes/No] <N>: