Grips Overview 22.1

Entity Grips Entity grips allow AutoCAD drawings to be edited in an entirely new way. Without entering any edit commands, you can stretch, move, copy, rotate, scale, and mirror entities. You can also snap to geometric features such as endpoints, midpoints, centers, quadrants without entering object snaps.


Grips are the small squares that appear when objects are selected with the crosshairs directly from the command prompt.

Unselected Grip

An unselected grip is one that has not yet been picked with the cursor, but is an item in the current selection set (it is highlighted).Pick an object to see grips.

Selected Grip

A selected grip is the grip box that you select with the cursor to define the base point to edit from. It has a solid filled color and is the grip location that editing is done from.

The red grip at the line endpoint is the selected grip

Cancelling Grips

1. Press ESC to clear GRIPS.

TIP: If grips are visible on an object, pressing the DEL key or ERASE will delete the selected object.

How To Use Grips 22.2

1. Pick The objects you want to edit.

2. Pick One of the grips to use as the base grip.

3. Press the SPACE BAR, or RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to cycle through the grip modes.


4. Type The keyword for the mode you want: Stretch (ST) Stretch the objects. Move (MO) Move the objects. Rotate (RO) Rotate the objects. Scale (SC) Scale the objects. Mirror (MI) Mirror the objects.

5. Drag The mouse to perform the operation.

6. Type C to create a new copy of the selection set enter C.


7. Type X to exit Grip mode.