Selection Modes 23.1

1. Choose Tools, Options...

2. Choose the Selection TAB from the following dialog.


3. Change the settings as desired.

Noun/Verb Selection

Allows you to select an object before starting a command. The command affects the previously selected object or objects. You can also set this option by using the PICKFIRST system variable.

Use Shift to Add to Selection

Adds or removes an object to the selection set when you press SHIFT and select an object.

Press and Drag

Draws a selection window by selecting a point and dragging the pointing device to a second point.

Implied Windowing

Initiates the drawing of a selection window when you select a point outside an object.

Object Grouping

Selects all objects in a group when you select one object in that group. With GROUP you can create and name a set of objects for selection.

Associative Hatch

Determines which objects are selected when you select an associative hatch. If this option is selected, boundary objects are also selected when you select an associative hatch.

Groups 23.2

1. Type GROUP at the command prompt.

Command: GROUP

2. Type a name for a new group.

3. Choose the New button under Create Group.

4. Pick objects to be included in the group.

5. Press ENTER when done choosing objects.

6. Pick OK.

Lines in a group

TurningGroups ON/OFF

At any time, toggle group selection on and off by pressing either CTRL+H or SHIFT+CTRL+A.

Object Selection Cycling 23.3

It is difficult to select objects that are close together or lie directly on top of one another. The following example shows two lines and a circle that all lie within the selection pickbox

1. Press the CTRL key before choosing objects at the Select Objects prompt.

2. Pick repeatedly in the area where multiple objects are located. AutoCAD will cycle through all objects that were touching the pickbox.

3. Press ENTER when the desired object highlights.

4. Press ENTER again.


Objects touching pickbox

First object selected highlights

Second object selected