Named Views 28.1

Ddview Command

1. Choose View, Named Views...


2. Click the Named View icon from the View toolbar.

3. Type DDVIEW at the command prompt.


Command: DDVIEW

4. Choose the NEW button.

5. Type a view name.

6. Choose Current display or Define Window.

Typing the View Command 1. Type View at the command prompt. Command: -VIEW 2. Type One of the following view options: ?/Delete/Restore/Save/Window:

View options:

? Lists the named views for this drawing

Delete Deletes the named view

Restore Displays the specified view

Save Attaches a name to the current view of the drawing

Window Attaches a name to specified window

Plotting Named Views

Viewports 28.2

Vports Command

1. Choose View, Viewports, New Viewports...

2. Choose one of the viewports configurations

3. Click OK.

4. Click once in each vport to make it active.

5. Type a ZOOM option in each viewport.

Viewport options


New Name Gives a name to a viewport Restore

Restores an original viewport

Delete DEL deletes a viewport

Join Joins two viewports together

SIngle Creates on viewport in the drawing

TIPS: Viewports can be named and restored later. AutoCAD plots only the current vport.