Pausing for User Input Example

To accept input from the keyboard or the pointing device in the middle of a menu macro, place a backslash (\) at the point where you want input.

; Issues ENTER


^M Issues ENTER

^I Issues TAB

SPACEBAR Enters a space; blank space between command sequences in a menu item is equivalent to pressing the SPACEBAR

\ Pauses for user input (cannot be used in the Accel erators section)

_ Translates AutoCAD commands and keywords that follow

+ Continues menu macro to the next line (if last character)

=* Displays the current top level image, pull-down, or shortcut menu

*^C^C Prefix for a repeating item

$ Special character code that loads a menu section or introduces a conditional DIESEL macro expression


^B Toggles Snap on or off (CTRL+B)

^C Cancels command (ESC)

^D Toggles Coords on or off (CTRL+D) SPACEBAR at the end of a menu item

^E Sets the next isometric plane (CTRL+E)

^G Toggles Grid on or off (CTRL+G)

^H Issues backspace

^O Toggles Ortho on or off (CTRL+O)

^P Toggles MENUECHO on or off

^Q Echoes all prompts, status listings, and input to the printer (CTRL+Q)

^T Toggles tablet on or off (CTRL+T)

^V Changes current viewport (CTRL+V)

^Z Null character that suppresses the automatic addition of

Editing Menus in Word 36.8

1. Open a menu (.mnu) file in a text editor.

2. Change the desired menu.

3. com Type pile MENU at the AutoCAD command prompt to and use the menu in AutoCAD/