Search Paths 37.1

AutoCAD searches for support files in the order specified by the library path, as follows:

Current directory. (This is typically determined by the “Start In” setting in your shortcut icon.)


Directory that contains the current drawing file.

Directories listed in the search path specified in OPTIONS. For more information about the Support path, see Specifying Search Paths, File Names, and File Locations in Tutorial 3 of the User’s Guide.

Directory that contains the AutoCAD program files.

External Applications and Lisp Routines 37.2

LISP and ARX routines are 3rd party applications and routines that can be loaded and used in AutoCAD.

AutoLISP applications are stored in ASCII text files with the .lsp ex- tension. These files generally have a header portion that describes a routine, its use, and any specific instructions. This header might also include comments that document the author and the legal information regarding the use of the routine. Comments are preceded by a semico- lon (;). You can view and edit these files with a text editor or word processor that can produce an ASCII text file.

The following are sites that explain LISP programming and LISP routines in more detail. There are also numerous Tutorial available on the subject.

AutoLISP Web Sites

AFRA LISP (my favorite for explaining LISP and showing sample routines)

Loading a LISP Routine or Application 37.3

Loading LISP Files

1. Type APPLOAD at the command prompt.

Command: APPLOAD

2. Choose the routine to load

3. Type the name of the routine at the command prompt.

Loading Menus with LISP Routines


1. Type MENU at the command prompt.

Command: MENU

2. Choose the menu to load

3. Check file search path to be sure to files are in one of the folders.