39.1 Drawing Standards (.DWS) Files

Standards define a set of common properties for named objects such as layers and text styles. You or your CAD manager can create, apply, and audit standards in AutoCAD drawings to enforce consistency. Because standards make it easier for others to interpret drawings, standards are particularly useful in collaborative environments, where many individuals contribute to the standards.


1. Open a drawing with standards defined (i.e. AIALayersSampleDrawing.dwg)

2. Type SAVEAS at the command prompt.

Command: saveas

3. Choose .DWS as the file type to save.

4. Save the drawing standard file.

39.2 CAD Standards Manager

1. Choose Tools, CAD Standards, Configure...


2. Type STANDARDS at the command prompt. Command: standards

3. Choose Add standards button to add a standards file (aialayer.dws)

4. Open a drawing to check its standards (i.e. HBH-G.dwg)

5. Load the CAD standards AIALayer.DWS file.

6. Choose Checkstandads...


7. Type CHECKSTANDARDS at the command prompt. Command: checkstandards

8. Choose the fix button to make changes to the existing drawing.

39.3 Layer Translator

1. Type LAYTRANS at the command prompt.

Command: laytrans


2. Choose Tools, CAD Standards, Layer Translator.


3. Choose Load...to load standards from a .DWS or .DWG file.

4. Match the layers in the current drawing to the layers in the .DWG or .DWS file.