Performs batch checking on multiple drawings outside of AutoCAD’s drawing editor.

1. Choose Start, Programs, AutoCAD 2000x, Batch Standards Checker.

2. Load multiple drawings to check.

3. Compare to an existing standards file (i.e. aialayers.dws).


4. Save the standards audit as a file (.chx)

39.5 Redline Markup Language

1. Choose Insert, Markup...

2. Pick a markup language file to insert.


Markups range from hyperlinks to simple boxes and circles. Created in programs such as VoloView

A new “MARKUP” layer is created in the current drawing

39.6 Revision Cloud

1. Choose Draw, Revcloud


2. Type REVCLOUD at the command prompt.

Command: revcloud

Minimum arc length: 0.5000

Maximum arc length: 0.5000

Specify start point or [Arc length/Object] <Object>: Guide crosshairs along cloud path...

Revision cloud finished.


3. Click the Revcloud icon from the draw menu

39.8 Wipeout

Creates a polygonal area that masks underlying objects with the current background color. This area is bounded by the wipeout frame. You can turn on the wipeout frame for editing and turn it off for plotting.

1. Choose Draw, Wipeout



2. Type WIPEOUT at the command prompt.

Command: _wipeout

Specify first point or [Frames/Polyline] <Polyline>: Select a closed polyline: