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Biscuit Packet ClosureYou deserve a bit of a break, having folded lots of designs. So brew up a nice cup of tea, grab a packet of biscuits, and eat a few. As any confirmed biscuit fan knows, you want your treasures in prime condition. What generally happens is that you put the packet away and the contents go soft. Here’s an exciting design by Edwin Corrie to keep your biccies fresh!

1. Carefully open a packet of biscuits and eat at least half the contents. Press two opposite sides together.

2. Fold the flap over to one side.

3. Fold the sides in to meet in the centre.

4. Make two valley folds and tuck the flap under the layers. If the narrow flap is too short, eat a few more biscuits.

5. Complete.

Biscuit Packet Closure


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