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DRAGON Eric Joisel is world-renowned for his expressive and artistic paper sculptures, but he’s also a master of the classic bases. He uses the slightly obscure blintzed fish base in this model.

A blintz base reduces the working area by half, so use a larger square.

This model has a number of subtle techniques, such as the crimp in step 19 and the formation of the nose in step 20 – persevere with these to feel more in control of them. You can practise techniques like these by using a separate sheet and only folding the relevant area of the model; for example, you could practise step 15 on a kite base.

Try folding a blintzed kite base and see if you can design anything new – many wonderful new creations are discovered by adapting existing designs. (Remember to credit your inspiration if you produce diagrams.)

1. Start with a square, white side up. Book-fold in half both ways.

2. Blintz all corners and turn the paper over.

3. Fold both left edges to the horizontal centre, allowing flaps to flip from behind.

4. Inside reverse the flaps on the right, again allowing flaps to flip from behind.

5. This is known as a blintzed fish base.

6. Turn the paper over and crease two diagonals.

7. Collapse the sides down (as you would with a preliminary base).

8. Swing the upper flap on the right over to the left, repeating underneath. A minor miracle!

9. Petal fold the top flap (as you would with a bird base).

10. Repeat underneath.

11. Swap the flaps over again.

12. Fold the white corners over, then tuck underneath the first layer. Repeat behind.

13. Inside reverse the upper left flap to the dotted position.

14. Inside reverse the tail, but to a more tail-like angle.

15. Outside reverse the head downwards.

16. Narrow the tail by folding the upper edges inside as far as you can. The fold extends to the end of the dotted line.

17. This is the result. Time to focus on the head.

18. Make a double reverse fold to form the snout of the beast.

19. Hold the head firmly and make an outside crimp on both sides.

20. Fold the nose over to taste.

21. Stand well back in case you get scorched . . .


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