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Anita Barbour is a creator with a true style of her own. She creates simple to intermediate designs that have real charm and she seems to find subjects to fold that others don’t think of. Several origami dragonflies are out there, but this is far and away my favourite.

Forming the eyes may cause you a little difficulty to start with, so I suggest you fold from a larger sheet of paper than usual, until the moves make sense. Even without the eyes, the model is still a fine representation of a dragonfly.

1. Fold a waterbomb base with the colour outside.

2. Rotate 180 degrees. Fold the left edge (all layers together) to the vertical centre, crease, and unfold.

3. Fold the upper edges to the same crease, but only crease where shown.

4. Make a crease that starts where the last two creases meet and goes out to just short of the outer corners.

5. Put all the creases in together, forming an inside reverse fold.

6. If you’re lucky, the paper will look like this. If not, unfold and try again! Repeat steps 2 to 5 on the right-hand side.

7. Fold the upper left flap down and right.

8. Carefully ease out the top wing to the dotted position, then flatten the paper so it stays in shape.

9. Swing the wings over to the left.

10. This is the result. Repeat steps 7 to 9 on the other side.

11. This should be the state of play so far. Turn the paper over.

12. Fold the side of the body to the centre, squashing the paper flat at the base of the wings. The exact position of the squash isn’t vital, but try to match the drawings. Repeat on the other side.

13. This should be the result. Turn the paper over.

14. Squash the body to a narrow point.

15. Focus on the head now.

16. Make an inside reverse fold (the paper stays 3D).

17. Turn the paper over. Fold, squash, or otherwise bodge the point of the reversed corner to one side to lock it into position.

18. Turn the paper over for the completed wee beastie.



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