Strategy Guide

Getting Started

  • Step 1, download Team Monster. You can accomplish this easily by using the “Available On” option at the top of this page.
  • Once it’s installed, starting up the game for the first time will also bring up a sign-in page. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous (and risk not being able to share progress across devices or continue if you ever have to delete and reinstall the software), you can sign in as a Guest using the small out-of-the-way button at the bottom. Otherwise you can create a new Mobage account or log in using an existing one. Facebook sign in is also an option.
  • As seems to be the norm these days, what you pick when asked about receiving Push Notifications doesn’t matter much because either way you’re going to be getting prompts on your lock screen. Thankfully, if you’d prefer to opt completely out of notifications you can still do so in Team Monster’s options menu.