Tips and Tricks

  • Try to have a full complement of classes in your team. A little variation is okay, but you’ll definitely want at least one Healer present. Probably a Tanker, too. Unless you’re replaying earlier levels with buffed-up monsters. Which brings me to my next suggestion:
  • Respect the Tanker. These critters tend to be the most durable, and often have a passive ability that will attract enemy attention over your other monsters.
  • Ranged Attackers can attack farther than they can auto-target. All monsters attack enemies when they come within a certain range, but Ranged Attackers can actually fire projectiles well past this point. It’s also something to keep in mind since the combination of melee fighter interception and a natural tendency to want to make Ranged Fighters hang back could lead to them just standing there doing nothing until you take action.

  • Don’t forget about special abilities. These manually-activated skills can be incredibly useful at just about any time and include attack/speed boosts, high direct damage, and more. Also:
  • Don’t spare the special abilities. It’s normal to want to save them up, but so long as you have them ready for the final wave (the one with the mid-boss) you’ll be fine. They don’t take that long to recharge.
  • Enhancement is fine, but not always necessary. It’s definitely a good way to level-up your monsters quickly, but sometimes the cost in Shells and stock monsters just isn’t worth it. Especially since it can take quite a while to save up Shells in the first place. Besides, they level-up fairly quickly on their own through combat.