The world map contains all the islands where you will battle: Pebble Island, Skull Island, Heartbreak Island, Melody Island, Jungle Island, Green Island, Wanter Dungeon and Infinite Dungeon.


Each island has a certain number of dungeons . In order to complete each dungeon you need to defeat all 3 monster waves with your team. Each time you enter a dungeon, you spend energy, which is limited.

You need to first clear all story mode dungeons to unlock hard mode dungeons (these dungeons appear for the first time in the second island)

Star Rewards. for each time you clear the same level, you progress towards a 3-tier reward tree. After completing the level 3 times, you obtain a new monster (the monster is automatically available to be used). That means that you don’t have to keep searching randomly through different islands, since the location is indicated beforehand. Completing it more times will get you souls, crystals and shells.

Infinite Dungeon: it rewards are: pearls, tickets

Wanted Dungeon:


The most important function of the home building is to let you expand your camp so you can allocate more monsters. Camp Expansion costs shells to be extended.

You can also find different themes and decorations, but these features have not yet been implemented.


The basic gameplay controls are explained in the tutorial as soon as you start the game.

Each time you complete a battle, all of the monsters involved, including your main character, will receive XP points.

AUTO ATTACK. This feature makes the game quite more easy to use while in battle. Your monsters no longer need to be directed in battle or your trainer needs to be pointed where to heal, they do it automatically.

If a monster is defeated during a battle, you will have to “cheer it up” in camp or take another monster with you (the actual message received on screen is you cannot have an upset monster in battle). You can do this by spending shells on it, or just wait until it refreshes by itself (you need to tap on the full heart in order to make it work.)

Boosters. previous to entering the dungeon, you can spend shells in order to get boosters. Boosters are items that increase your battle performance. For example, Bliss Candy increases your damage when attacking. Secret tome activates auto skill for in auto attack mode.


Monster Lottery. There are two types of eggs you can hatch, those that range from 1-5 grade and those that go from 2-6 grade. 1-5 grade eggs can be hatched by using gacha tickets or gems if you run out of them. 2-6 grade egg can be hatched by using pearls. Of course, you don’t get to choose the monster you hatch, this process is random.