You can edit your team, enhance and fuse your monsters through the “Team Info” menu.

In the bottom bar, you have listed all the monsters available to be added to your team. The team can only consist of 1 trainer and 3 monsters.

There is indeed a certain level of team set up strategy involved, since you have different types of monsters, like tankers or DPS monsters, both ranged or melee.

Enhancement. this feature allows you increase the rank of a monster by consuming other monsters, thus increasing its attributes. However, you can only use a monster of the same type as an ingredient.

Fusion. this feature allows you to combine two rank 30 monsters of the same rarity (stars) and convert them into a random monster of the next tier. For instance, if you fuse two 4 star monsters, you will get a 5 star monster. They don’t have to be of the same type. Bear in mind that fusion is extermely expensive in terms of shells. This is, honestly, the quickest method to get 4 star monsters

Set Free. the set free feature releases from camp the monster of your choosing. Once you release a monster though, you cannot reuse it.


There’s a total of 107 monster awaiting to be captured. Most of them can be obtained while farming all islands. However, There are 3 other categories; Hidden Monsters, Mystery Monsters and Rare Monsters which can only be obtained through the hatchery (lottery)

Below you will find the list of monster attributes;

  • Attack Power:
  • Health:
  • Critical Attack:
  • Defense:
  • Rarity: letting aside monster you get in islands. Rarity indicates a monster quality, the higher the rarity, the more difficult to get.
  • Type: the type of monster indicates its role within the team. Healers, Tankers, Ranged Attackers, Melee Attackers are the four categories
  • Active Skill: active skills only work when you drag them to the main attack icon on the left sidebar in the team info menu
  • Passive Skill: these skills work all the time

Is there any way to get more cash (pearls)?. Of course, each time you level up a monster to 30, you get 5 cash.

Population. you can recruit as many monsters as your population allows. You can increase monster population by expanding your camp through the Home building.

Drop Rewards. besides getting a guaranteed monster through star rewards, you can randomly obtain drop rewards. Meaning, monster you get randomly after completing a dungeon, along with XP points.