Items can be found along several places, but you will first get them as drop rewards from story dungeons. The most common items ad green souls and green crystals. While souls give your monster extra health, Souls gives you extra attack power.


The enhancement process makes stats go up by consuming monsters, enhancement also applies for your main character. The cost, besides monsters, are shells, and the it varies depending on how high the monster level is.


Leveling up your main character gives you among other things: increasing your max dream energy, increasing your max crystal slots, and enabling some features like auto function.


The same game system will start giving you random friends invites so you can add players without having to look for them in other places. What’s good about this random friends feature, is that it tells you when was the last time they played, which is a good indicator of active vs non active players.

If you ant to add a specific friend, you can do so through the Friends Menu, tap on search and enter the nickname to locate it. You can also send friend invites through facebook.


Completing achievements is a great way of getting cash (pearls), gems or shells. Check out our separate guide for the complet list of rewards.

  • By logging in to the game daily, you can obtain free pearls in day 3 and 7. You can also get a gacha ticket in day 6
  • You can get more features as your player level increases
  • Get new monsters in the hatchery by using crystals
  • Tankers can provoke to attack them instead of other monster types.
  • You can obtain 10 cash if you review the game in the appstore.
  • If your friend function does not work properly, restart the game
  • You can earn better gifts when more friends add your code.
  • Setting Free a monster is a useless feature, even more, you’d never want to set a monster free while it can always be used for enhancement.
  • You can go above your max dream energy.
  • Blue gems should only be spent at the hatchery lottery, for the 1-5 grade eggs
  • Forfeitting a battle means no rewards
  • Pearls (cash) must only be used at the hatchery as well
  • Restart the game when you receive a message from an unknown friend

We hope that our Team Monster walkthrough guide was useful. If you have more tips or cheats to share, please leave a comment below. You can also leave questions about the game and we’ll help you out asap.