If you can try to analyze it most application on iPhone, Android, Facebook and iPad have the same concept to offers such as running games, puzzle based application, adventures and role playing, simulation, city building and racing but this time Mobage made their Team Monster a new conceptualized game under drawing strategy and monster collection. Yes monster collection is not new to us but to combine it with drawing strategy this is totally a new game to play. Because this is the first time for you to play such genre, we wish to share to you some of helpful tips and tricks in game that you can do if you are interested to play this but you don’t know where to download Team Monster cheats for maximum advantage.

Download and Installation

The game is free to download for your gadget just go directly on the official iTunes app page to get the full version without survey and there you will some gadget requirements, in-app purchase, previews, reviews and everything you might want to know.

Suppose that you are finished downloading it, you can now install it and after that you can now immediately start the game. As a first time player they will ask you to create Mobage account or you can also use Facebook account to sign in just like most games you can play on iOS.

Then you will also ask if you wish to receive further notification later in game. Most games will also ask you something like this and if you already downloaded lots of free games for your mobile devices you already know what to do but for those who don’t know what you will do as a first time player, we recommend to let this option on so you can received important notification such as game events, promotion and lot more.