Game Interface

These are the basic icons, menu, elements that you will usually see in the home screen interface follows with profile level, number of already recruited monsters, Shells (currency), Crystals, Cash (premium currency), Menu, Message Box (here where your notification will be read), Achievements (sets of task with corresponding rewards, Mobage profile button (if you signed up and not use Facebook account) and Energy. To explain it further we put it into a list of what these buttons can give you:

Team Information – This is where you can manage your team and see their full details. By means of managing you can change the line-up of your available monsters to enhance your overall performance, you can also fuse duplicate monster to extract even more powerful monster. You can also equip them with stat-boosting items such as Souls and Crystals.

Harbor – This is an instant access to visit the game map and select an island to explore. Here you can tap to the location you wish to zoom in and then tap on a new location or those who already cleared to view details. You will see information like how many times you’ve cleared the level, the recommended level to explore this stage, energy requirement for every attempt exploration and boosters that you might need for this stage that you can buy to increase your advantage.

Home – Team Monster will let you upgrade your home with new themes and decoration (unfortunately this feature is not yet available) or you can expand your home to unlock more new features by spending Shells. From home renovation you will find out the Shells is very important that you must always have in hand.

Hatchery – Here you can use 50 Crystals to hatch new monsters with Monster Lottery. This is a fully random draw of a grade 1-5 monster for 50 Crystals or you can also use your Cash (premium currency) to draw grade 2-6 type of monsters.

Shop – this will be your primary source of Shells and Cash or temporary boost in game including energy refill. Most item boost that you can buy in shop will require real world money while there instances that players only wish to download Team Monster cheats to get them unlimited Cash, Shells, Crystals and other form of resources like energy.