It wouldn’t be quite so bad if leveling-up didn’t take so freaking long. The free-to-play monetization is almost as problematic as the energy mechanic, too. Only Crystals and Cash (premium currency that oddly looks like pearls) can be used to summon monsters, and these currencies can only be earned as achievement rewards or by replaying specific levels a certain number of times. It turns progression into an incredibly dull grind.

Team Monster has lots of potential. It looks great, and it balances the line-drawing and monster collection quite well, but the energy mechanic and monetization drain almost all of the fun out of it. With a lot of patience it can still be quite a bit of fun, but there are plenty of other more gratifying games to play out there.


  • Fantastic visuals and animations that are as charming as they are vibrant. Very easy to use controls. A fun combination of gameplay elements that works quite well in practice.


  • Progression is ridiculously slow. Several rather important elements won’t be available for quite a while. Pretty much every free-to-play element gets in the way of the fun.