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FIGThis playful topper brings a touch of whimsy to any occasion. Plus, it spins with just the tap of a finger!

FIG. 1


1. Start with a 3-in/7.5-cm square. Crease according to the dotted lines in Fig. 1.

FIG. 2


2. Fold the left and right sides to meet in the center according to Fig. 2.

FIG. 3


3. Fold the top and bottom of the rectangle to meet in the center. Refer to Fig. 3

FIG. 4


4. First fold out the bottom left flap and then the bottom right, following the direction of the arrows. Refer to Fig. 4.

FIG. 5


5. Repeat Step 4 on the top left and right flaps. Refer to Fig. 5.

FIG. 6


6. Your paper should now look like Fig. 6.

FIG. 7


7. Fold back the bottom right flap, accspa Tording to the dotted line in Fig. 7.

FIG. 8


8. Your paper should now look like Fig. 8. Fold up the top left flap, according to the dotted line.

FIG. 9


9. Your folded pinwheel is finished. Refer to Fig. 9.

FIG. 10


10. To allow your pinwheel to spin: Punch a hole in the center. Place a decorative brad through the hole, leaving the prongs of the brad unfolded. Glue the prongs to a toothpick, and, once the glue has dried, tap the pinwheel to watch it spin! It is now ready to adorn the top of a cupcake, as pictured in Fig. 10.


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