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LAZY WINSTONThis design of mine is an Adaptation of a traditional design called the ‘Lazy Susan’ and I wondered how it would look folded from a hexagon rather than a square. Unexpectedly, the folding turned out to be simpler than from a square! Relatively few designs starting from a hexagon are simple – it’s an inconvenient shape to create accurately. One of the simplest methods for creating the required 60-degree angle is to create a simple template, as shown in this sequence. My model is named after an old college friend, who went by the glorious name of Winston N’Gobola.

1. Start with a square, creased on both diagonals and folded on one of them. Next fold the Elephant Head model (described earlier in this chapter) up to step4. This is the template for getting an angle of 30 degrees. Overlap the two as shown.

2. Fold the lower flap over the template.

3. Remove the template and fold the left side to lie on the right side.

4. Crease the halfway vertical.

5. Fold the top section down, starting on the left where the raw edges end. Crease well and unfold.

6. Cut off the top section. Yes, cut! You could open out and fold over the surplus paper, but the end result isn’t very attractive.

7. Open out to the hexagon. Fold three non-adjacent corners in to meet at the centre.

8. This is the result. Turn the paper over.

9. Fold each corner to the centre.

10. This is an enlarged view. This is the result. Turn the paper over.

11. Fold the paper in a similar way to if you were making a preliminary base. The upper right edge becomes an inside reverse.

12. Reinforce the vertical centre crease. Repeat on the underside.

13. Open out the first layer at the top, gently pressing in the centre of the folded edge at the bottom.

14. The paper forms into 3D. Repeat step 13 on the other two sides.

15. This is the completed model. You can use Lazy Winston to store almost anything from peanuts to sweets to small frogs.



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