Microsoft PowerPoint

1.4   Configure PowerPoint File Options

You can change settings on the pages of the PowerPoint Options dialog box to customize the PowerPoint environment in various ways.


+ General On this page, you can disable the Mini Toolbar and Live Preview, specify the color scheme and the ScreenTip style, and change the user name and initials.

+ Proofing This page provides options for adjusting the AutoCorrect settings and for refining the spell-checking and grammar-checking processes.

+ Save On this page, you can change the default presentation format; the AutoRecover file save rate; the default locations to which PowerPoint saves files; and whether you want fonts to be embedded in the current presentation.

+ Language On this page, you can change the editing and display languages.

+ Advanced  This page includes options related to editing presentation content; displaying presentations on-screen; printing, saving, and sharing presentations; and a variety of other settings. (You have to scroll the page to see some of these settings.)