Microsoft PowerPoint

+ Customize Ribbon On this page, you can change the ribbon to suit your needs.


+ Quick Access Toolbar On this page, you can customize the Quick Access Toolbar to suit your needs.

See Also  For information about changing the Quick Access Toolbar, see section 1 .3, “Configure the Quick Access Toolbar.”

+ Add-Ins This page displays all the active and inactive add-ins and enables you to add and remove them.

+ Trust Center This page provides links to information about privacy and security, and access to security settings.

Strategy Knowing which options are on which page of the PowerPoint Options dialog box makes the customizing process more efficient. To avoid wasting time in the exam, be sure you are familiar with the pages of this dialog box .

To access the PowerPoint program options

➜  In the left pane of the Backstage view, click Options. Then in the left pane of the

PowerPoint Options dialog box, click the page you want.

Practice Tasks

You don’t need any practice files for these tasks. Simply open a blank presentation. Then open the PowerPoint Options dialog box, and make the following changes without clicking OK. When you finish, click Cancel to close the dialog box without implementing your changes.

+ Change your user name to PowerPoint Exam and your initials to PE .

+ Turn off the instruction to ignore spelling mistakes in uppercase words.

+ Change the AutoRecover interval to 15 minutes.

+ Turn off whole-word selection.

Objective Review

Before finishing this chapter, ensure that you have mastered the following skills:

1.1   Adjust Views

1.2   Manipulate the PowerPoint Window

1.3   Configure the Quick Access Toolbar


1.4   Configure PowerPoint File Options