Microsoft PowerPoint

2 Creating a Slide Presentation

The skills tested in this section of the Microsoft Office Specialist exam for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 relate to working with slides and slide text in a presentation.


Specifically, the following objectives are associated with this set of skills:

2.1   Construct and Edit Photo Albums

2.2   Apply Slide Size and Orientation Settings

2.3   Add and Remove Slides

2.4   Format Slides

2.5   Enter and Format Text

2.6   Format Text Boxes

Using templates and reusing slides simplifies the creation of consistent presentations, both for yourself and across your organization. Knowing how to assemble and then manipulate a presentation is important for efficient presentation development. But you also need to know how to work with individual slides and with their text.

This chapter guides you in studying how to create photo albums and then covers ways to create simple text-based presentations. It addresses how to assemble slides from different sources, and how to arrange and format them. It also covers basic techniques for entering, editing, and formatting the text on a slide, including both the text in placeholders provided by the slide layout and the text in independent text boxes that you create as needed.

Practice Files Before you can complete the practice tasks in this chapter, you need to copy the book’s practice files to your computer. The practice files you’ll use to com- plete the tasks in this chapter are in the PowerPoint\Objective2 practice file folder. A complete list of practice files is provided in “Using the Book’s Companion Content” at the beginning of this book .

2 .1  Construct and Edit Photo Albums

Creating Photo Albums

Presentations that consist primarily of photographs are called photo albums. You can create a photo album in two ways:

+ You can base the presentation on one of the photo album templates that comes with PowerPoint.

Tip  To use a slide layout from a photo album template in another type of presenta- tion, first create the photo album and save it. Then reuse the slide with the layout you want in the other presentation . For information about reusing slides, see section 2 .3, “Add and Remove Slides .”

+ You can set up a new blank presentation as a photo album that you design yourself in the Photo Album dialog box, where you can do the following:

❍ Add pictures and photographs from files.

❍ Insert text boxes.

❍ Reorganize the photos.

❍ Rotate photos in clockwise and counterclockwise increments of 90 degrees.

❍ Adjust contrast and brightness.

❍ Add captions below each photo (available only for appropriate picture layouts).

❍ Display all photos in black and white.

❍ Specify the layout and, for appropriate layouts, how the photos are framed.

❍ Apply a theme to the presentation.

To create a photo album from a template

1. On the New page of the Backstage view, click Sample Templates .

2. Double-click the photo album template you want, and then save the presentation.

To replace a selected template photograph

1. On the Picture Tools Format contextual tab, in the Adjust group, click the Change Picture button.


2. In the Insert Picture dialog box, locate and double-click the photograph you want.