Microsoft PowerPoint

To play the sound in Normal view

Tip  You must have a sound card and speakers installed to play sounds .


➜  Click the audio icon, and then do either of the following:

❍  On the icon’s play bar, click the Play/Pause button.

❍  On the Audio Tools Playback contextual tab, in the Preview group, click the Play button.

To change the appearance of a selected audio icon

➜  Use the commands on the Audio Tools Format contextual tab to format the audio object just as you would a picture.

See Also  For information about using styles and sizing or positioning audio objects, see section 3 .1, “Manipulate Graphical Elements .” For information about formatting pic- tures, see section 3 .2, Manipulate Images .”

To change the settings for a selected audio object

➜  On the Audio Tools Playback contextual tab, in the Audio Options group, do any of the following:

❍  Click the Volume button to adjust the volume to low, medium, or high, or to mute the sound.

❍  Specify whether the sound plays when the slide appears (Automatically), only if you click its icon (On Click), or throughout the presentation (Across Slides).

❍  Select the Hide During Show check box to make an audio object that plays automatically invisible while the presentation is displayed in Reading view or Slide Show view.

❍  Select the Loop until Stopped check box to have the sound play continuously until you stop it.

❍  Select the Rewind after Playing check box to ensure that the sound starts from the beginning each time it is played.

To edit the sound for a selected audio object

➜  On the Playback contextual tab, in the Editing group, do any of the following:

❍  Click the Trim Audio button to edit the sound so that only part of it plays.

❍  Specify Fade In and Fade Out settings to have the sound gradually increase and decrease in volume.

Practice Tasks

The practice files for these tasks are located in the PowerPoint\Objective3 practice file folder. If you want to save the results of the tasks, save them in the same folder with My appended to the file name so that you don’t overwrite the original practice files.

+ In the InMyBackyard presentation, on slide 1, insert the Bear video file from your practice file folder. In Normal view, play the video.

+ On slide 1, increase the video’s brightness and contrast by 20 percent. Then apply the Bevel Rectangle style. Finally, make the video start playing auto- matically when the presentation is launched and make it play as long as the slide is on the screen.

+ In the ShareholdersMeeting presentation, on slide 4, insert any audio clip of audience applause (for example, Cheers In Hall).

+ On slide 4, use the Bravo image in your practice file folder to represent the audio object. Make the image about 2 inches tall, and move it to the lower- right corner of the slide. Then set the sound to play continuously after the icon is clicked.

Objective Review

Before finishing this chapter, ensure that you have mastered the following skills:

3.1   Manipulate Graphical Elements

3.2   Manipulate Images

3.3   Modify WordArt and Shapes


3.4   Manipulate SmartArt

3.5   Edit Video and Audio Content