Microsoft PowerPoint

8 .4  Record Presentations

You might want to record a presentation while practicing its delivery so that you can correct any flaws before you have to perform before a live audience.


You might also want to record a presentation so that people can view it on their computers. When you record a presentation, you can specify the following:

+ Whether to record from the first slide or from the current slide

+ Whether to include slide and animation timings

+ Whether to include narrations and laser pointer movements

Timings recorded with the presentation can be used to move automatically from one slide to the next. Narrations are embedded in each slide as audio objects that can be clicked to play the narration.

To record a presentation

1. Assuming that your computer has a sound card, microphone, and speakers and that you have tested the microphone before beginning the recording, open the presenta- tion you want to record, and do one of the following:

❍  On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click the Record Slide Show button.

❍  Display the slide from which you want to start the recording, display the Record Slide Show list, and then click Start Recording from Current Slide .

2. In the Record Slide Show dialog box, select or clear the Slide and animation timings and Narrations and laser pointer check boxes.

3. Click Start Recording .

4. Discuss the slides, just as if you were delivering the presentation to a live audience.

Tip  You can pause the recording by clicking the Pause button on the Recording toolbar, and you can repeat the recording for the current slide by clicking the Repeat button . You can stop recording by pressing the Esc key .

5. When you have finished delivering the presentation, right-click the screen, and then click End Show .

6. Test the recording by switching to Reading view and, if appropriate, clicking the audio icon on each slide.

To repeat the recording for a slide

➜  Delete the slide’s sound icon, and then record that slide again.

Tip  If you are archiving a presentation and want to add comments to a selected slide, on the Insert tab, in the Media group, display the Audio list, and then click Record Audio . After recording your comments, name the sound file for that slide, and click OK. The narration is then attached to a sound icon on the slide .

Practice Tasks

The practice file for these tasks is located in the PowerPoint\Objective8 practice file folder. If you want to save the results of the tasks, save them in the same folder with My appended to the file name so that you don’t overwrite the original practice file.

+ In the BackyardEcosystems presentation, record slide timings and narrations for only slide 4.

+ Record slide timings and narrations for slides 2 and 3. Then repeat the recording for slide 3.

+ Record new slide timings and narrations for the entire BackyardEcosystems presentation, starting with slide 1.

Objective Review

Before finishing this chapter, ensure that you have mastered the following skills:

8.1   Apply Presentation Tools

8.2   Set Up Slide Shows


8.3   Set Presentation Timing

8.4   Record Presentations