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  • Concrete paver, mine is 12 × 12 inches; or a bucket of gravel
  •  Frost-safe, water-tight, glazed container; mine is 28 × 24 inches with an 18-inch diameter
  •  Metal plant stand; mine is 22 inches tall
  •  Glazed saucer, roughly 1-inch smaller than the opening of your container
  •  Submersible, re-circulating pump, 115 volt
  •  3½ feet vinyl tubing, 5/16-inch inside diameter
  •  Weighty decorative rock or chunks of glass
  •  Outdoor grade extension cord
  • Scissors or tin snips

1. Position water jar. Place your container on a solid, level surface, either a concrete paver or a tamped-down bed ofgravel-ing the plant stand to the correct height. Once the plant stand is properly situated, fill the jar a quarter full with clean water.

Assembled components

Assembled components.

3. Position pump. Immerse one end of the vinyl tubing into a glass of hot water to soften the vinyl—this will make sure it forms a tight seal—before connecting the tubing to the outlet feed on your pump. Submerge the pump in the water jar but keep the electrical cord and the free end of the vinyl tubing hanging over the rim and outside the large container.

Pump and tubing

Pump and tubing.

4. Finish assembly. Rest the glazed saucer on the plant stand. Measure the vinyl tubing so it reaches up to and over the edge of the glazed saucer; trim excess tubing with scissors or tin snips. Anchor the vinyl tubing inside the saucer with stones, chunks of glass, or another weighty material.

 5. Connect power. Plug the power cord for the pump into an extension cord that runs to an outdoor electrical source. As the pump engages, it will draw water from the bottom of the jar up through the vinyl tube, filling the saucer. When the saucer overflows, the water cascading over its edges and back into the reservoir at the bottom of the jar will create a sonorous tone.


Dial down the scale of your fountain. Use a smaller container and pump to create a table-top version that can be tucked into the corner of a small deck or patio.



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