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  • 2 (12 × 35-inch) wooden shelves (GORM series, IKEA)
  •  2 (20-inch) lengths 1×4 lumber
  •  1 (12 × 19-inch) cookie sheet
  •  2 (12 × 12-inch) cork tiles
  •  3 (4½-inch) square wooden boxes
  •  3 metal label holders
  •  1 (11½-inch) galvanized ledge
  •  1 (22-inch) towel bar
  •  1 decorative hook
  •  4 spring-type clothespins
  •  Hooks, pushpins, magnets
  • Electric chop box or hand saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  •  Wood screws, nails
  •  Heavy-duty construction adhesive
  •  Eye screws and braided wire for hanging

1. Create workstation base. Place IKEA shelves face down, side by side, aligning them along their 35-inch edge. Attach the 20-inch 1×4s, placing one at each end of the shelves, fixing the crosspieces in place with several screws. Flip base right side up so supporting crosspieces are face down.

2. Add features. Screw cookie sheet, galvanized tray, and decorative hook in place along the top of your workstation base. I mounted the small galvanized ledge upside down forming a shallow tray that’s perfect for holding 4-inch plant starts. Fasten a double layer of cork tiles beneath the galvanized tray by nailing it in place every 4 inches around the outer edge. Mount towel bar along the bottom of the workstation base and attach vintage water faucet handle to far right side screwing it in place through the center hole

Backside detail.

Backside detail.

3. Attach seed sorting boxes and clothespins. Center metal label holders on wooden boxes and lightly tap prongs with a hammer, holding them in place. Insert labels that read “indoors,” “spring,” and “summer.” Glue wooden boxes and clothespins to workstation base following construction adhesive package instructions. Allow glue to dry overnight.

 4. Finish. Hang your finished potting shed organizer with sturdy eye screws and braided picture-hanging wire.


No IKEA? Create a custom workstation base from standard 1×4 lumber. Cut six 35-inch and two 24-inch 1x4s. Lay out all six 35-inch lengths side by side spacing them ¼ inch apart forming a 24 x 35-inch backing. Position remaining 1x4s across each 24-inch end of your workstation backing. Attach crosspieces anchored with screws to every horizontal board.

Mount a compact fluorescent light fixture overhead and turn your potting shed organizer into a seed-starting station.


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