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duckThis is a traditional model that I’ve varied a bit. 1. Start with a kite base and turn the paper over. 2. Fold in half from left to right. 3. Rotate the paper clockwise. Fold the narrow point to match the dotted lines. Crease firmly and unfold. 4. Open the paper slightly and make sure your creases match this pattern (you have to change one from mountain to valley, and change the diagonal partly to a valley.) 5. This shows the reverse in progress. 6. This is the reverse completed. Form the head by folding over the tip to match the dotted lines. Crease firmly and unfold. 7. Make an outside reverse fold as you did in the previous three steps. 8. Here’s the first option; the simplest duck. If you feel ambitious, carry on; if not, skip it and try again later. 9. Unfold the body from the bottom upwards. 10. Fold two edges to the centre crease. 11. Fold the upper section back down. 12. Here’s option two; a more slender duck. Again, rest or continue! 13. Fold the rear (circled) corner to the opposite corner. 14. Leave a small gap, then fold it back. 15. Fold the upper section back down. 16. Hold where circled with two hands. Gently rotate the rear end out and up. The movement happens around where the dart indicates. 17. Fold the sides of the tail in as you did in step 14. 18. This is the third and most sophisticated duck (visually speaking!). DucksDucksDucksDucks      


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