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1. Start with your paper white side up. Fold in half, then in half again, as shown. Crease wel, then open out again. PUFFY BUNNY 2. Turn the paper over and fold in half diagonally and in both directions. Crease well and open out once again. PUFFY BUNNY

3. Holding the points shown, bring them both down to the centre point on the bottom line. Flatten model. This is called a waterbomb base.

PUFFY BUNNY 4. Fold front triangles in to centre line. PUFFY BUNNY5. Fold edges to centre line. PUFFY BUNNY 6. Fold front flaps of top triangles downwards, creasing well. PUFFY BUNNY 7. Fold again, diagonally, then tuck into pockets. PUFFY BUNNY8. Turn over and fold bottom corners in to centre. PUFFY BUNNY9. Fold front flap to the left. PUFFY BUNNY10. Crease front flap into toward centre line. PUFFY BUNNY 11. Move top flap to the right. PUFFY BUNNY12. Move the next flap to the right PUFFY BUNNY13. Crease top flap in toward centre line. PUFFY BUNNY14. Move top flap to the left. PUFFY BUNNY15. Fold top layers outward along creases shown. PUFFY BUNNY16. Open out the ears. PUFFY BUNNY17. Fold nose under to form crease shown. Then fold back again. PUFFY BUNNY18. To inflate bunny, blow into its nose! PUFFY BUNNYFinished Puffy Bunny. PUFFY BUNNY


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