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MATERIALS For the pink model:
  •  Glass lamp fixture; mine is 10 inches in diameter × 3 inches deep, with 3 mounting holes
  • 14 gauge galvanized wire
  •  3 (24-inch-long) strong wire double-ended hooks
  •  Hanging hook (must be able to fit over branch)
  •  Tumbled white glass
  •  Glass lamp fixture; mine is 12 inches in diameter × 4 inches deep, with 1 hole at bottom center
  •  2 (6-foot) lengths lightweight black chain
  •  Small black hook
  •  Hanging hook (must be able to fit over branch)
  •  Tumbled glass, mixed greens and blue
  •  Chandelier crystals
  • Wire cutters
  •  Short wooden dowel, ½-inch diameter
  •  Needle-nose pliers
  •  Silicone caulk

1. Prepare ceiling lamp fixture. For the pink model: cut three 6-inch lengths of 14 gauge wire and wind each one around the wooden dowel forming tight corkscrews about an inch long. Working carefully, screw wire corkscrews into each hole on the lamp bowl. Each corkscrew should fit tightly, protruding about ½ inch into the interior of the bowl. Trim extra wire. A dab of silicone caulk fills the remaining gap around the corkscrews, allowing the pink birdbath to be filled beyond the depth of the holes, but keep wires on the inside of the bowl free to receive hooks. Allow silicone to dry completely before proceeding with the following steps.

For the frosted model: fill the hole at the bottom of the lamp fixture with silicone caulk so it holds water. Allow silicone to dry completely before proceeding with the following steps.

Materials for pink model.

Materials for pink model.

Materials for frosted model

Materials for frosted model.

2. Hang birdbath. Position hanging hooks where you want your finished piece to hang; make sure to choose sturdy branches that will support the weight of the filled birdbath.

For the pink model: attach a 24-inch doubled-ended hook to each mounted wire corkscrew on the inside of the glass bowl. Gather the opposite ends of the long hooks together and suspend as a unit from hanging hook.

Hanging detail

Hanging detail.

For the frosted model: double two 6-foot lengths of black chain into two 3-foot loops and four loose ends. Thread the loose ends of the black chain onto the small black hook. Suspend black hook and the looping chains from the hanging hook. Carefully nestle the frosted glass bowl into an “X” formed by crisscrossing the hanging looped chains; adjust each of the four chains so they are positioned evenly around the edge and the fixture hangs level.

3. Finishing touches. Add tumbled glass to birdbath basins to provide a secure perch 1½ to 2 inches below the surface of the water.

For the frosted model: hook chandelier crystals to black chain so they hang freely.


  • Less girly, more grunge. Drill four evenly spaced holes around the edge of a galvanized garbage can lid. Attach chain and suspend from a sturdy branch.
  • Some bird species actually prefer low baths. Set an altered lamp bowl atop a columnar terracotta pot or chimney flue to create a more grounded version.
  • No trees? Hang your birdbath from an antique birdcage stand nestled among shrubs in a secure corner of the garden.


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