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These are follow full steps to make Spenjurmunni.

1. Begin with a square, white side up. Fold and unfold along both diagonals. Spenjurmunni2. Fold a Fish Base. Spenjurmunni3. Fold the bottom point up so that its edge hits the right corner. Spenjurmunni4. Fold the horizontal edge down so that it aligns with the folded edge. Spenjurmunni5. Fold the edge back up so that it aligns with a folded edge. Spenjurmunni 6. Unfold to step 3. Spenjurmunni7. Repeat steps 3–6 on the right. Spenjurmunni8. Use the creases you just made to form three nested rabbit ear folds. Spenjurmunni9. Pinch the flap in half and swing it over to the right. Spenjurmunni10. Fold the two flaps down and flatten the model firmly. Spenjurmunni11. Bring the long flap to the front. This flap will be the tail. Spenjurmunni 12. Fold the top flap  down. Spenjurmunni13. Fold the flap back up. Note that the crease hits the centerline at the same point as the tail flap. Spenjurmunni14. Fold the top flap down so that its tip aligns with a hidden horizontal crease. Spenjurmunni15. Bring the raw edges to the front on both left and right. Spenjurmunni16. Swivel-fold the edges. Spenjurmunni17. Fold the flaps out to the sides. Spenjurmunni18. Fold the top edge down along a crease that runs from corner to corner. Spenjurmunni19. Pleat the ears at the top of the model. Spenjurmunni 20. Mountain-fold four flaps to  the rear. Spenjurmunni21. Valley-fold the corners. Spenjurmunni22. Reverse-fold the tip of the tail. Pleat the tail like a lightning bolt. Spenjurmunni23. Turn the model over. Spenjurmunni24. Finished model. Color on a face as shown in the next figure. Spenjurmunni 25. Finished Spenjurmunni,taking a peek at you. Spenjurmunni

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