How to Make a Vexel Portrait

This tutorial will instruct you on how to create a vexel portrait in Corel Draw. This tutorial is not for beginners in Corel. To follow the tutorial you need to know the basics of Corel DRAW like trimming, welding, drawing with bezeir tool etc.

If you have any difficulties you can contact me. Hope u like it.


Step 1

Draw a silhouette of a profile face with bezier tool. Fill it with #D2D2D2

Step 2

Draw the hair using bezier tool. Select the face, Press Shift now select the hair. Click Trim. Fill it with #4F4F4F.

Step 3

Draw the eyebrows using bezier. Fill it with #4F4F4F

Step 4

Start drawing the eye on the left side. Use transparency as shown in the image below.


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