How to Create a Vector Glass With Orange Drink

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a glass using shape tools and trim, weld, intersect actions. I will use the transparency tool to add effects.

I have used corel x4.


Step 1

First take a rectangle (ratio 3:2 approx.). Now take 3point ellipse tool. Drag it from the bottom-left node of rectangle to bottom-right node. Press shift while dragging to make it a perfect circle.

Now select both shapes and weld them

Step 2

Now make a copy of the glass shape. I have colored the outline of one of the glasses red. It will be easier to explain.
step 1- select black glass then red glass.
step 2- click trim.

Step 3

Click the bottom curve of the glass and push it up as shown in figure.

Step 4

Now fill the glass with orange color and its bottom with light grey as shown below. Select them both, right click the "no fill" button. It removes the outline.

Step 5

We will use trim and intersect commands to add more effect to the bottom of the glass. It is similar to step 2 and step 3.

Step 6

Draw 2 rectangles and a square as shown. Rotate the square at 30.2 degree. Trim the yellow rectangle with white curve.

Fill the shapes with colors and don't forget to remove the outlines.


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