Create Glossy 3D Cubes

This tutorial will show you how to create a colorful 3D cube...


I recommend CorelDRAW x4 for this tutorial...I have used CMYK color mode as it is default mode in CorelDraw.

Also activate snap to object (Alt+Z)... this will make your lines more accurate....

Step 1

Draw a 3D Cube with Freehand tool...

(i have named the faces for help)

Step 2

Fill Face 1 with C16 M95 Y0 K0

Face 2 with C24 M96 Y0 K0

Face 3 with C40 M100 Y0 K0 or Blue Purple

Then select all the three faces and right click No fill in the CMYK palette to get rid of outlines

Step 3

Now draw three boxes over the faces and fill them with C76 M98 Y44 K54

Step 4

Add transparency to the dark boxes....

Step 5

draw one more box on face 1...fill it with C23 M96 Y24 K0
and then add transparency


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