Creating a Retro Portrait

In this CorelDraw tutorial I will tell you how to easily create a retro portrait in CorelDraw with a FreeHand Tool and Interactive Blend Tool. 


Let’s first start drawing an eye.

Select FreeHand Tool (or Bezier if it is more comfortable to you) and draw an outline of an eye. Remember that the shape has to be closed to be able to colour it. Keep the nodes cusp, so the outline looks neat.

To draw a pupil, select Oval Tool, draw 2 circles like shown below and apply Back Minus Front:

Use FreeHand Tool (or Bezier Tool) to draw the rest of the face outlines (just left part of the face):

Select all the shapes, copy them (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V) and holding Ctrl drag to the right, so the shape is symmetrically flipped:

Select FreeHand Tool to draw the outline of the nose. To place it in the horizontal centre of the face, select two outlines of the face, group them; then select outline of the nose and the grouped face outline, press C:


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