Corel PHOTO-PAINT workspace tour


Becoming familiar with the terminology and workspace of Corel PHOTO-PAINT helps you follow the concepts and procedures found in the user guide and in the Help that is available through the application window.

In this section, you’ll learn about

• Corel PHOTO-PAINT terms

• application window

• toolbars

• toolbox

• property bar

• dockers

• status bar

Corel PHOTO-PAINT terms

Before you get started in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you should be familiar with the following terms.

Channel : An 8-bit grayscale image that stores color or mask information for an image

Editable area :An editable area of a mask allows paint and effects to be applied to a selected area of an image

Image : A file you open or create in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

Lens : An object layer that protects part or all of an image when you perform color and tonal corrections

Mask : A mask can be applied to an image during image editing to define protected areas and editable areas

Object : An independent bitmap that is layered above the background image

Path : A series of line and curve segments connected by adjustable endpoints called nodes

Thumbnails: A miniature,  low-resolution version of an image

For more terms and definitions, see the glossary in the Help.

Exploring the application window

The Corel PHOTO-PAINT application window contains elements that help you access the tools and commands you need to view and edit images. Application commands are accessible through the menu bar, toolbox, property bar, toolbars, or dockers.

You can customize many of the elements in the application window to suit your workflow. For information about customizing Corel PHOTO-PAINT, see “Customizing your application” in the Help.

The application window contains the following main parts:

Menu bar : The area containing drop-down menus with commands grouped by category

Property bar : A detachable bar containing commands that change according to the active tool