Viewing images and obtaining image information

You can change the appearance of windows and the magnification level of an image. Changing the magnification level allows you to view specific image areas and makes image editing easier.

In this section, you’ll learn about

• viewing images

• zooming

• obtaining image information

Viewing images

Images can be viewed in a number of different ways. You can hide windows, the toolbox and the toolbars, leaving only the menu bar and the image windows visible. You can view a large representation  of an image in a full-screen preview.

You can view image areas that fall outside the image window. For example, when you are working at a high magnification level or with large images, you can pan or jump to a different image area without having to adjust the magnification level.

You  can select the image area tobe displayed  in the image window using the Navigator pop-up.

To hide windows, the toolbox, and toolbars


• Click Window ` Hide windows.If you want to return to normal view, right-click in the workspace, and click Show windows.

To view a full-screen preview of an image

• Click View ` Full-screen preview.If you want to return to normal view, press any key or click the screen.

To view an image area that falls outside the image window

Pan to another area of the image : Open the Zoom flyout , and click the Pan tool . Drag the image until the area you want to view displays in the image window.

Jump to another area of the image : Click the Navigator pop-up  at the lower- right corner of the image window. Drag the rectangle to the area of the image you want to view.

Image areas that fall outside the image window  can be dragged  intoview using the Pan  tool. This photohas been dragged from itsoriginal position in the first image toward the right in the second image. The inset below shows the entire image.


By default, images are displayed at 100% magnification; however, you can zoom in to get a closer look at image detail or zoom out to view a larger portion of the image. You can also specify the magnification level at which images open.

To zoom

• Open the Zoom flyout , and click the Zoom tool .

Zoom in : Click the image where you want to magnify it.

Zoom in to a specific area : Drag across the area you want to magnify.

Zoom out : Right-click in the image window.

Switch between the current and previous zoom levels : Click the Zoom to previous button  on the extended property bar  .


Zoom in or out by a preset level : Choose a magnification level from the Zoom level list box on the property bar.