Bringing images into

You can bring images into Corel PHOTO-PAINT in a variety of ways. In this section, you’ll learn about

• opening images

• importing files

• acquiring images from scanners and digital cameras

• working with vector graphics

Opening images

You can open most bitmaps in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Each image you open appears in its own image window.

To open an image

1   Click File ` Open.

2   Choose the folder where the file is stored.

3   Double-click the filename.

Importing files

Corel PHOTO-PAINT provides filters that convert files from one format to another when you import them. You can import a file and place it in the active application window as an object. The imported file becomes part of the active image.

To import a file into an active image

1   Click File ` Import.

2   Choose the folder where the file is stored.

3   Choose a file format from the Files of type list box.

4   Click the filename.

5   Enable any of the following active check boxes:

Do not show filter dialog — lets you use the filter’s default settings without opening the dialog box

Check for watermark — lets you check the image for a watermark and any information it contains such as copyright

Extract embedded ICC profile — lets you save the embedded International Color Consortium (ICC) profile to the color folder where the application is installed

6   Click Import.

7   Click the image window.

Acquiring images from scanners and digital cameras

You can scan images and load photos from digital cameras into Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Corel PHOTO-PAINT supports scanners and digital cameras that use Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), which provides a standard interface for loading images. You can also use WIA to set Corel PHOTO-PAINT as the default application for opening images; you can then load images directly from a digital camera intoCorel PHOTO-PAINT without having to start the application first.


If your scanner or digital camera does not support WIA, you can use the scanner’s or digital camera’s TWAIN driver for loading images. The software interfaces and options vary. For information about using your scanner’s and digital camera’s software, see the manufacturer’s documentation.