Working with objects

You can increase your image-editing capabilities using objects, which are independent image elements that float above the background. Objects are transparent layers that stack on top of one another. The background forms the bottom layer, and when you create new objects, they are added to the top of the stack. For example, when you open a photo, it becomes the background. You can then add shapes, brush strokes, sprayed images, and other objects on top of the photo.

Objects are like layers that  you can stack on top of one another. This  image consists of thebackgroundand twophoto objects.

In this section you’ll learn about

• creating objects

• grouping and combining objects

Creating objects

In Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can create objects from:

• brush strokes

• shapes

• the background

• editable areas

You can create objects from scratch by applying brush strokes or creating shapes, or you can add brush strokes and shapes to an existing object. For more information about applying brush strokes and creating shapes, see “Painting” on page 305.

You can also create an object using an entire image background. The background cannot be edited or moved in the stacking order unless it is converted  to an object.

Another way you can create an object is to define an editable area on an image background or another object. When you create an object from an editable area, you can include only the visible elements in that area. If an object is obscured by other objects, and you cannot see it, then it will not be included in the editable area. For information about defining editable areas, see “Masking” on page 331.

You can create an object using part of an image background. Here, an editable area is defined and  then the selection is copied and  moved.

All objects in an image have the same resolution and color mode. As you add objects to a file, the file size and memory requirements increase. To decrease file size, you can flatten an image by combining objects. For more information on combining objects, see “Grouping and combining objects” on page 360.

To retain objects when you save an image, you must save the image in the native Corel PHOTO-PAINT (CPT) file format. For more information on saving images, see“Saving and closing” on page 381.

To create an object using a brush tool

1 Click Object ` Create ` New object.

2 Open the Brush flyout , and click the Paint tool

3 Set the attributes on the property bar.

4 Drag in the image window to create a brush stroke.

When the Marquee visible command in the Object menu is enabled, a dashed outline, called a marquee, surrounds the new object.


All brush strokes and sprayed images are added to the active object by default.