Modifying objects

Objects are independent image elements that can be layered on top of one another. You can transform objects, change their edges, add drop shadows, and adjust their transparency. Objects can be changed without affecting the other objects, or the background, in an image.

In this section you’ll learn about

• transforming objects

• changing the edges of objects

• adding drop shadows to objects

Transforming objects

You can change the appearance of objects using the following transformations.

Sizing : Lets you change the width and height of an object

Scaling : Lets you size an object to a percentage of its original size

Rotating : Lets you turn an object around its center of rotation

Flipping  : Lets you create a horizontal or vertical mirror image of an object

Skewing : Lets you slant an object to one side

Distorting : Lets you stretch an object disproportionately

Applying perspective :Lets you give an object the appearance of depth

You can apply freeform transformations in the image window or manually adjust settings for more precise results.

You can apply transformations to a single object or multiple objects simultaneously.

Sizing and scaling

The photo object is scaled down  to fit onto the background image.


The object is flipped to create a reflection.



The reflection is rotated