Corel PHOTO-PAINT provides extensive options for printing your work.

In this section, you'll learn about

• printing your work

• laying out print jobs

• previewing print jobs

Printing your work

In the Corel PHOTO-PAINT application, you can print one or more copies of the same image. You can specify whether to print the current image or specific images. Before printing an image, you can specify printer properties, including paper size and device options.

To set printer  properties

Click File ` Print.

Click the General tab.

Click Properties.

Set any properties in the dialog box.

To print your work

Click File ` Print.

Click the General tab.

Choose a printer from the Name list box.

Type a value in the Number of copies box.
If you want the copies collated, enable the Collate check box.

Enable one of the following options:

Current document — prints the active drawing

Current page — prints the active page

Pages — prints the pages that you specify

Documents — prints the documents that you specify

The Collate check box is available only for documents  with more than one page.

Laying out print jobs

You can lay out a print job by specifying the size, position, and scale. Tiling a print job prints portions of each page on separate sheets of paper that you can assemble into one sheet. You would, for example, tile a print job that is larger than your printer paper.

If the orientation of a print job differs from the orientation specified in the printer properties, a message prompts you to adjust the paper orientation of the printing device. You can disable this prompt, so that the printer adjusts paper orientation automatically.

To specify the size and position of a print job

Click File ` Print.

Click the Layout tab.

Enable one of the following options:

As in document — maintains the image size, as it is in the document

Fit to page — sizes and positions the print job to fit to a printed page

Reposition images to — lets you reposition the print job by choosing a position from the list box

Enabling the Reposition images to option lets you specify size, position, and scale in the corresponding boxes.

To tile a print job

Click File ` Print.

Click the Layout tab.

Enable the Print tiled pages check box.

Type values in the following boxes:

Tile overlap — lets you specify the number of inches by which to overlap tiles

% of page width — lets you specify the percentage of the page width the tiles will occupy


Enable the Tiling marks check box to include tiling alignment marks.