Advertise like an entrepreneur

25. Know how to capture the attention of your target customers


An advertisement informs. But a good and effective advertisement moves people to buy. How do you make advertisements like that? First, you need to know the interest of your customers. If you know the very thing/s that will catch the attention of your customers, then you have what you need (ex. A seller of a vitamin supplement product knows that many of its target customers are concerned with beauty. As such, the seller focuses on advertising the benefits its products to beautification).

26. Decide on the most effective advertisement channels

What are advertisement channels? These are your means of delivering your sales pitch to your target customers. In an online business setting, advertisement channels commonly include submission sites (article submission, video submission, audio submission, etc.), social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) emailing, popups,


sponsoring, and such. How do you decide which channels to use? It all depends on what channels your target customers are mostly exposed to. For example, if you target customers are internet-savvy people who are most likely exposed to Facebook all the time, using Facebook as one of your advertisement channels would be a good idea. Take note that it is not necessary to utilize all channels. You only need to use to utilize those that are necessary.

27. Use Facebook to reach customers

Facebook really maximized its potential for providing support to online merchants. Facebook offers unique and comprehensive advertisement tools that allow you to target specific niches (age groups, interest groups, gender groups, etc.)

28. Use Twitter to reach customers

Twitter is like a real-time newsfeed site that spurts out new information by the minute. This makes a great way to communicate with your customers and target customers. If your target customers are likely to be Twitter users (people living in the city, people who like technology, etc.), then using Twitter would be a good way to reach your customers.


29. Apply SEO techniques to boost your webpage's visibility

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by online merchants to increase traffic (visits and views) into their website. It makes a website ‘more visible’ by making the website have a better chance of appearing on the top search results of search engines such as Google and Yahoo. There are many SEO techniques and it is advisable to use all of them. But this is complicated stuff so it is better to hire someone to do this for you.