Reduce productions/operations cost like an entrepreneur

65. Do what you can on your own


As an entrepreneur, you will definitely hire people to run your business. But if you can conveniently do some of the tasks, maybe you should shoulder those tasks yourself. This will save you salary costs. For example, if you think that paying for a manager is too costly for you at the moment, you can simply take up the responsibility yourself. And some time in the future when your business becomes more profitable, maybe you can already hire a manager to take the task off your shoulders. Until then, you should do what you can on your own.

66. Outsource tasks instead of hiring new employees


Some tasks are seasonal (done only occasionally). Examples include website maintenance, graphics design for webpages, article writing, etc. For such tasks, it is best to just outsource the task. This way, you can avoid additional costs that come with hiring new employees (bonuses, 13th month pay, government contributions, tax, etc.).