Working with Groups


When a group is selected, a new menu named Group appears at the bottom of the Edit menu. This menu includes commands that let you edit the selected group. There is also a command to explode (or dissolve) the group.


Editing a group

To get access to a group’s subobject, simply select the group and choose Edit ➪ Group (name of group) ➪ Edit Group, or you can double-click on the group and the subobjects within the group can be selected. When a group is opened, the group’s bounding box becomes a dashed line, as shown in Figure 8.3.

NOTE When a group is opened, all scene objects that are not part of the group are dimmed.

With access to the group’s subobjects, you can transform and edit them normally. When you are finished editing the group, choose Edit ➪ Close Group/Component, or you can simply click out- side of the group’s bounding box to close the group.

Exploding a group

To ungroup all objects that make up a group, select the group and choose Edit ➪ Group ➪ Explode. The Explode command undoes only the current selected group; all nested subgroups remain intact.


FIGURE 8.3 When a group is opened, you can select its subobjects.

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