Locking and Unlocking Objects


If you want to prevent an object from moving, but you need the object to be visible as you place other objects in the scene, you can choose Edit ➪ Lock to make an object so it cannot be moved, rotated, or scaled. When an object is locked, it is highlighted with a red bounding box, as shown in Figure 8.7.

Locked objects can be selected, but you cannot transform them. To unlock a selected object, choose Edit ➪ Unlock ➪ Selected, or you can choose Edit ➪ Unlock ➪ All to unlock all locked objects.

FIGURE 8.7 Locked objects are highlighted in red.


Tutorial: Locking multiple objects

When working on models, sometimes you can have all the objects lined up and looking good only to discover that one object is way out of line. Sometimes you can inadvertently select an object or an entity on the backside of an object and accidentally move it out of place. Using the lock feature, you can quickly fix such a mistake and ensure that nothing else gets moved.

To lock multiple selected objects, follow these steps:

1.   Open the Misaligned window.skp file from the Chapter 8 folder on the CD. This file includes a simple building with four rows of windows. One window has been moved out of line.

2.   Choose Edit Select All (Ctrl+A) to select all the items in the scene. Then hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys and click on the misaligned window. This selects all scene objects except for the misaligned window.

3.   Choose Edit Lock to lock all objects except for the misaligned window, as shown in Figure 8.8.

4.   Select the misaligned window with the Select tool. Use the Move/Copy tool to align the window where it needs to be.


5.   Choose Edit Unlock All to unlock all objects.

FIGURE 8.8 All objects are locked except for the one that needs to be moved.

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