Selecting Objects with the
Select Tool


Objects can be selected using the Select tool. You can select this tool by choosing Tools ➪ Select, by pressing the Spacebar, or by clicking the Select button in the Getting Started toolbar. This is the default tool that is selected when no other tools are selected.


When the Select tool is active, you can select individual objects by simply clicking on them. When an object is selected, it is highlighted in blue and surrounded with a blue bounding box, as shown for the park bench in Figure 5.1.

To select multiple objects, click and drag with the Select tool. A rectangular selection area is dis- played. When you release the mouse, all the objects that are completely contained within this rect- angular selection area are selected. This provides a way to select multiple objects at once.

If you drag with the Select tool from left to right to create a rectangular selection area, objects are only selected when they are completely within the rectangular selection area, but if you drag from right to left, items are selected if any part of them is contained within the selection area. Dragging with the Select tool from left to right is called a Window selection and dragging from right to left is called a Crossing selection.

Another way to select multiple objects is to hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on or dragging over multiple objects. Each new object that you click on is added to the selection set and is high- lighted in blue. When the Ctrl key is held down, a small plus sign appears next to the mouse cursor.

FIGURE 5.1The selected object is highlighted and surrounded with a bounding box

You can also select multiple objects by holding down the Shift key, but the Shift key acts a little dif- ferent in that it lets you add unselected objects to the selection set or remove selected objects from the selection set. If you click on a selected object with the Shift key held down, the selected object becomes unselected. When the Shift key is held down, a small plus and minus sign appears next to the mouse cursor. Figure 5.2 shows two objects selected — the park bench and the trash can.


To remove an object from the selection set, you can use the Shift key or hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys together and click on the objects you want to remove. A small negative sign appears next to the mouse cursor when these keys are held down

TIP  If you need to remember all the selected objects, simply make all the objects into a group by choosing Edit ➪ Make Group.

FIGURE 5.2 Holding down the Ctrl or Shift keys lets you quickly select multiple objects.

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