Using the Rotate Tool


Another way to transform an object or an entity is to rotate it. Rotation always takes place around a pivot point, and the resulting rotation depends on the location of this pivot point. The pivot point is determined by where you click with the Rotate tool.


The Rotate tool lets you change the orientation of the selected object. Select it by choosing Tools ➪ Rotate, or from the Edit or Getting Started Toolbar, or by pressing the Q hotkey. Once selected, the pivot point is placed by clicking on its location. This places a protractor guide where you place the pivot point. You then need to click to set the starting point of the rotation and then drag to rotate the object. The selected object is moved by simply clicking and dragging in the main window. The mouse cursor changes to four arrows when the Move tool is active.

Rotating to regular intervals

The protractor guide is divided into 15-degree increments. If you align the inference line to one of these increments, then you can control the rotation amount. Figure 6.3 shows an object being rotated.

FIGURE 6.3 The protractor guide marks the pivot point and the rotation amount

If you press the Shift key while dragging along the X, Y, or Z-axes, the axis becomes locked so that the object can only be moved along the dragging axis. You can also lock the axis by pressing one of the arrow keys.

Rotating to a precise angle

If you want to rotate the selected object a precise amount, select the object to rotate and start drag- ging in the direction that you want the object to move. This causes the amount that is dragged to be displayed in the Measurements Toolbar in the lower-right corner of the interface. When the value appears in the Measurements Toolbar, you can type the precise value you want and the
object rotates this entered amount.


Stretching entities

If you select an entity and rotate with the Rotate tool, the connected entities stretch as the selected entity is moved, as shown in Figure 6.4.

FIGURE 6.4 Connected entities stretch when selected entities are rotated.

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